Sample Articles


"Regenerating Battle Wounds, Together," Cell Stem Cell

"Discoveries Flow from Newest Stem Cells," The Dana Foundation

"From Rehab to Regeneration," The Journal of Life Sciences

"Scientist at Work: Anthony Atala, Tissue Engineer," New York Times

"The Long Journey from Stem Cells to Medical Product," Cell

"Sea-quence; Craig Venter, of human genome fame, mines the oceans for genetic riches," San Diego Union Tribune

"Stemming the Slide; Injected into the heart, stem cells may pump new life into patients with cardiovascular disease," San Diego Union-Tribune

"When Stem Cell Research Gets Personal," The Boston Globe Magazine

"Stem Cell Research Awaits Shifting Tide," op-ed, The Boston Globe

"Eyes Revised; Scientists see a day when damaged vision might be repaired with regrown retinas,"  San Diego Union Tribune

"Acupuncture: Getting the Point,"  Harvard Health Letter


"Neuromarketing; Prove Thyself and Protect Consumers," The Dana Foundation

"Stem Cell Biotech," Cell

"The Quest For Truth: Lie-detector tests are all the rage, but what do they really prove?"  The Boston Globe, Science Section

"Genetic Tests; New technology can predict your likelihood of developing a devastating  disease such as breast or colon cancer. But how much do you really want to know?" McCall's

"Here Comes The Sun-Power," Boston Sunday Herald, Business Section

"Where To Put All Those Books? Universities turn to remote storage,"  The Boston Globe

"Email Catches on Like The Phone,"  The Boston Globe, Business Section

Environment and Other Sciences

"Gift from the Sea: New Bedford's Bounty Starts with Scallops," The Boston Globe

"The South Coast ospreys are back after a tough winter for their nests," New Bedford Standard Times

"Amazing Indoors; The New California Academy of Sciences," The Boston Globe

"Green Ambitions," The Boston Globe

"Neanderthals Hunted as Well as Humans,"

"Hazy Conclusions; Climatologists know a brown layer covers place Asia; what they don't know is what it's doing to rainfall, temperature," San Diego Union-Tribune

"The Quest for Truth; Lie-detector Tests," The Boston Globe

"Isle of Bombs and Birds," Boston Sunday Herald Magazine

"Here comes the Sun-Power," Boston Sunday Herald

"Physics Revolution Changing Shape of Geometric Thought," Boston Sunday Herald

"Sunspots May Hold Clues to Climate," Boston Sunday Herald

"Eagles Are Helped by Their Foe, Man,"  The Sunday New York Times

"Vineyard Aim: Osprey in Every Yard," The Sunday New York Times

"Epic 10-Year Ocean Watch Planned,"  The Boston Globe, Science Section


"Parson's Escape; Remembering the Concordia yawl Halcyon," WoodenBoat Magazine

"Pabsela: A Research Highway Between Two Hemispheres," Cell Stem Cell

"Biopolis: Village on a Hill," Cell Stem Cell

"Scientist at Work: Peggy Whitson," NASA Astronaut, New York Times

"Interview: Aharon Appelfeld," Boston Review

"A Talk With Susan Sontag In Which She says 'Bah, humbug,' to her critics,"  The Boston Phoenix

"Lotte Jacobi, Camera Artist," The Boston Globe Magazine

Travel and Miscellany

"London's Impressive Science Museums," The Boston Globe

"Adriatic Views: Istria," The Boston Globe

"A Visit to New Bedford," New York Times

"Wowie Maui; Golfing Hawaii's Valley Isle," Golf For Women

"Nevis: The Pace is Pleasantly Slow,"  The Boston Globe, Travel Section

"Germany 1,000 Years Ago: Castles keep medieval era alive,"  Boston Sunday Herald, Travel Section

"The Maine Way," Boat Builder Joel White, The Boston Globe

"Library Space Is All Booked Up," The Boston Globe

"Widely Acclaimed Pianos Symbolize Old Massachusetts City's Resurgence," New York Times